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Learn how to create simple iron on patches

In the last article we have told You how to remove embroidered patches from jacket. This article will be another from series “How To”. We will learn You how to create simple iron on patches. For most people, embroidered patches are much more than tools to cover holes. In present time, more number of people like to make use of patches for style factor. These elements can be used on your caps, pillows, bags, water bags and cloths. They offer with unique stylish factor for anyone. Looking around for custom made patch might not be an easy task but creating one for your personal use...

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How to remove patches from jacket?

One of the most popular sewing question is how to remove patches from jacket. W see this on many many internet forums. People generally have a problem with that, so we will show You in simple steps how to do it. This problem is most likely not apply to those persons who have a memorial patches on their jackets – which results from the nature of such badges. Who would have ever wanted to remove it? They remind us of something / someone important! Things are different for other types of patches, which once simply we would like to get rid of. Remember – Removal process is complicated...

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