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We are an established canadian embroidery company providing the highest quality custom embroidered patches. Our mission is producing beautiful, professional and durable custom designed patch available to everyone at affordable prices. We are a recognized brand, it took us years to build the reputation of our company. Our services are based on quality products appreciated by hundreds of customers every month. We are proud to see most of them returning and recommending us to their friends and relatives.

We are capable of embroidering any design on a material of your choice, including leather and jeans. It is perfectly possible to for us to embroider a design on your own materials (trousers, bedspread).

Our products are ideal for every purpose and everyone. Our business customers appreciate our embroidered patches for crews, security agents, work clothes and advertisement clothes. Our products are the best choice for all sorts of uniforms, for government agencies, police, fireman, military.

Over the years we have also provided custom patches for retail customers and organizations, including scout groups, associations and schools. Choose us to present embroidered flags and logos of martial arts clubs, motorcycle, bike and paintball teams. Embroidery is a traditional technique producing beautiful results. Your embroidered design or logo will look more professional than plastic badge or print screen. You can transform any of Your Idea into beautiful embroidered patches. Embroidery is chosen by the most respected and the most important companies across all industries. Also, it guarantees maximum durability of every single patch. This is simply the best way to promote your company or group!

No one wants to be compared to other people. People want to be unique. Every single one wants to be different. From biological point of view everyone is different. We have different hair, eyes, height and characters. There is no two, the same people – even twins are different. People want to find the way to emphasize their uniqueness. One of the simplest ways is to look into our website. Here you will find different patches. Thanks them you can wear whatever you want in any place you wish and you can still be original.



The most important advantageous are:

  • ⇒ No limitation of order – you can order as well as one piece or one hundred patches, too. It does not matter for us
  • ⇒ Excellent quality – we use only the best materials
  • ⇒ Worldwide delivery – we send our embroidery in any place you want.

How You can order Your custom embroidered patch?


If you want to make order you have to take four steps:

1) Send us an email with detailed specification of ordered patch. The best way is to answer the following questions:

  • How much embroidered patches do you need?
  • What shape do you prefer (you can choose: circular, rectangular, oval, shield, square or your own shape)
  • What is its measurement? (Give its height and width)
  • Choose the colours
  • Give the detailed date you need your patch in-hand
  • Provide additional information if it is necessary

2) After few days we will send you the free price quote. Now you have to approve it if you like it.

3) If you have any reservations tell us and then accept the changes which we will make.

4) When your order is approved by both sides your patches are going to sewing room. Now you have to wait about ten to fifteen days to delivery. It all depends where you want us to send them.

We create custom patches such as these:

some samples of embroidered patches made by our company



This embroidered patch is meticulously custom designed for Coccinelle NASA USA 188, which is located in USA.

It is made using untarnishable fabric and premium quality thread that ensure patch longevity. It is shrink proof, easy to sew-on, washable, dry cleansing. This product is digitalized designed with the help of hi-end patch design machines. It is designed keeping the highest thread counts and embroidery standards in the industry in mind.

We are one of the most renowned patch and logo design companies, involved in the trade of perfect quality custom embroidered patches. Our company is appreciated for designing durable, attractive and superior quality patches. Still skeptical about the work? You can zoom in the image and have a close look to see the finishing and detailing of our designs.

RWB Hawgs Texas

If you strive for perfection like us then we can start a long term corporate relationship by allowing us to represent your passion for biking like we did for RWB HAWGS club from Texas. Take a look at the details we have embedded in the design and the clear edges that do not overlap each other from any angle. Even if you take a closer look at the designer threads you will find perfect alignment. We have a decade long experience in designing biker tags or patches that have enabled us to design complex biker patches successfully. The price depends on the complexity of the design that defines your biker spirit in the best way.
To get started all you need to do is contact us and allow us to give a new shape to your dreams because the biker patches represent the true passion of biking that a client wishes to show off.

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