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Welcome to! Established embroidery company providing the highest quality custom patches. Our mission is producing beautiful, professional and durable custom embroidered patches available to everyone in Canada at affordable prices. We are a recognized brand, it took us years to build the reputation of our company. Our services are based on quality products appreciated by hundreds of customers every month. We are proud to see most of them returning and recommending us to their friends and relatives.

custom patches

We are capable of embroidering any design on a material of your choice, including leather and jeans. It is perfectly possible to for us to embroider a design on your own materials (trousers, bedspread). Our products are ideal for every purpose and everyone. Our business customers appreciate our patches for crews, security agents, work clothes and advertisement clothes. Our products are the best choice for all sorts of uniforms, for government agencies, police, fireman,military. People also order embroidered patches to promote business.

Over the years we have also provided custom patches for retail customers and organizations, including scout groups, associations and schools. Choose us to present embroidered flags and logos of martial arts clubs, motorcycle, bike and paintball teams. Embroidery is a traditional technique producing beautiful results. Your embroidered design or logo will look more professional than plastic badge or print screen. Before making an order You can read about 3 main types of custom patches - in this article You will learn everything about patches.

How You can order?

If you want to make order you have to take four steps:

1) Send us an email with detailed specification of ordered patch. The best way is to answer the following questions:
  • a) How much embroidered patches do you need?
  • b) What shape do you prefer (you can choose: circular, rectangular, oval, shield, square or your own shape)
  • c) What is its measurement? (Give its height and width)
  • d) Choose the colours
  • e) Give the detailed date you need your patch in-hand
  • f) Provide additional information if it is necessary

2) After few days we will send you the free price quote. Now you have to approve it if you like it.

3) If you have any reservations tell us and then accept the changes which we will make.

4) When your order is approved by both sides your patches are going to sewing room. Now you have to wait about ten to fifteen days to delivery. It all depends where you want us to send them.

  • ⇒ No limitation of order - you can order as well as one piece or one hundred patches, too. It does not matter for us
  • ⇒ Excellent quality - we use only the best materials
  • ⇒ Worldwide delivery - we send our embroidery in any place you want.

In our website you can find various kinds of embroidered patches.

custom patches

⇒ Computer game- thousands people are computer games lovers. They spend hours playing their favourite games. Many games have long and wide history which can be comprised in one logo. That kind patch can be a great gift for person who loves playing computer games.

⇒ Flag patches- in times of sport competition patriotic feelings are stirred up among supporters. No a small wonder that people want to stress their nationality. A patch can be more long-lasting than a flag or a hat.

⇒ Martial arts patches- those embroidered patches will show the sport discipline in which you are involved in. It can be: karate, judo or jiu-jitsu. You can have the name of school, its logo and even your name sew on it.

⇒ School patches - school uniforms are widely disliked and do not popular. Their main disadvantageous are horrible colours, simple design and lack of being original. Now, the school patches can change it. They can still be representative in a positive way. What is more, the children will love it.

⇒ Sports Patches – are you a fan of sport discipline? Stress it and wear sport patches.

⇒ Other Patches:Insignia, Motorcycle, Logo, Cartoon, Military

Top 7 reasons to choose us:

  • 1. We are capable of producing any embroidered patches you desire, any size, shape, color and quantity.
  • 2. No minimum order, it is possible to order even a single piece!
  • 3. Order more and save! We offer price breaks for wholesale orders.
  • 4. There is no setup charge!
  • 5. The design can be up to 100% embroidery.
  • 6. We will do our best to produce your products as fast possible. You will have them delivered in up to 15 days!
  • 7. We guarantee maximum durability! All our products undergo rigorous quality control.


For free quotation please use the quotation form or e-mail:
Yo will get an answer within one business day. Be sure that You send to us all required details.

Latest Custom Patches

Rey Diogo

Sample of martial art patch made for Rey Diogo Jiu-Jitsu Club

Medstead Dragons

Black and white martial arts patch sample – Medstead Dragons

Krav Maga

Sample of martial arts patch made by us for Krav Maga Team.

Maltese Islands

Biker Path made for harley davidson club

In God we Trust

Motorcycle Patch made for one of the biker community

Air Force Academy Patch

Air Force Academy Patch – Sample of Patch for military team

DEA OP BAT Military Patch

DEA OP BAT Military Patch – Sample

Eyes of the Army Patch

Eyes of the Army Patch – Our Sample Military Product

No. 303 Military Patch

No. 303 Military Patch – Our Sample Embroidered Patch

Anglian Airsoft Patch

Anglian Airsoft Patch – Sample of Paintball patch

Airsoft Patch

One of the Airsoft Patch made for our client

4th Force Recon

4th Force Recon – Patch made for Paintball Team

CLST 500+ Paintball Team

Embroidered Patch made for CLST 500+ Paintball Team

Lucky Luke

Lucke Luke movie patch made by us for our client.